Originally grown out of passion & automotive enthusiasm 2010 was our personal milestone as Black Sheep Automotive was founded. We are a well-established company with a passion for cars whilst also being aware of the everyday needs of our customers in a B2B and B2C relationship. Having a varied customer base that looks for reliability, quality and satisfaction for their everyday driving car up to the show car- ,performance car and collectable that seeks perfection in all aspects of what they require. Providing an excellent customer service and competitive prices is our number 1 goal since the start, all day & every day! Besides being the nr 1 reseller for Rotiform wheels in Belgium and the first company who partnered up since 2010, we provide several brands and services like adjustable suspensions, airride, powder coating service, wheel repair, ceramic polishing, tyres, window tinting, car wrapping, accessories, Car care products, performance parts and general mechanic repairs. As u can see we support our customers in realising their most creative ideas! Don’t hesitate to contact us if u have any questions regarding our products and/or services. We’re here to help u out!

Kristof Mombaerts
Black Sheep Automotive

Please use the form below or send us a mail at info@bs-wheels.be for more information or questions. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours.

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